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The Samaritan Health Academy is a residential socio-medical center for the elderly that provides both medical care for patients with chronic conditions and various social problems, as well as care, assistance and support in socio-medical integration. We offer geriatric medical recovery services and palliative care.


About the Samaritan Academy of Health

Socio-Medical Center

      From the beginning of our existence, we have been actively involved in social responsibility programs and projects, supporting a cause, a creative idea or the desire to change society for the better, we laid the foundations for a dream about how we should look. the health.
     One of my main concerns was to always create something that people need.
     We identified, three years ago, the inadequacy of care and residential services dedicated to seniors. During the activity, I noticed the need for an integrated medical center with multiple specialties and I thought of them as a real medical ecosystem.
     This project started out of a need!
                                                                                                                          Ionela Ciotlăuș


"Compassion is the fundamental source of our inner peace. The more we care about the happiness of others, the more our need for well-being is fulfilled. ”

Dalai Lama

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