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Smart Socio-Medical Green Center

This year, 2022, we are starting one of the most important projects: Construction and endowment of a Smart Socio-Medical Green Center.

Green economy – economic model based on principles of respect for the environment, not only of a purely economic nature, which aims to improve the quality of life and social equity, reducing environmental risks and reducing natural resources.


Creating a calming environment is a top priority in hospitals and treatment centers, as low stress has been shown to shorten patient stays. It is designed to bring nature to the patient's experience with indoor and outdoor gardens, glazed exteriors that provide view, light and use of natural materials. We tried to make a building that would provide a three-dimensional statement about what medical architecture could be, providing a safe, innovative, technologically advanced, “thriving” healthcare environment: connecting the art and science of medical practice in a Community model of care delivery.

The adoption and application of the concept of SMART hospital involves the congruence and valorization of the following factors:

  • Single (a single building, emblematic by architecture);

  • Mutual (for both patients and doctors and researchers);

  • Adaptive (thought from the beginning to last over time);

  • Respectful (built with care for the natural and urban environment);

  • Technological heavy (efficient in quality, not in quantity);

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