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Senior package



  • Accommodation in hotel comfort rooms with 2 or 3 beds, own bathroom;

  • Body hygiene and cosmetic / hairdressing services;

  • TV and refrigerator in each room;

  • Air conditioning in each room;

  • Living room for leisure;

  • Terraces arranged for socializing;

  • Yard with an area of 2000 sqm, arranged with lawn, ornamental plants and gazebo for relaxation;

  • Library;

  • Spiritual corner;

  • Video monitoring system;


  • Own kitchen, modernly equipped;

  • Complete meal schedule: 3 meals and 2 snacks, prepared daily, following the doctor's recommendations;

  • Special diet according to needs / desires;

  • Snacks can be served in the restaurant lounge or on terraces in the middle of nature;

  • Administration of antioxidants, according to the nutritional plan established by the nutritionist;

  • Vitamin therapy - personalized program for each patient, according to a nutritional plan performed by a specialist;

  • Important: for people in advanced stages of the disease and the immobile we offer food in bed;



  • Medical personnel specialized in geriatrics;

  • Medical office with nurse for daily monitoring (24/7) of medication and medical treatments;

  • Medical visit performed as needed by specialists: family doctor, cardiologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist, neurologist, orthopedist, urologist, dermatologist, other specialties;

  • Psychological counseling in individual or group meetings;

Physical Therapy

  • Medical recovery services with physiotherapist / masseur;

  • Fitness room-massage-recovery-physiotherapy;

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